Santa Clara County Voter's Guide On Children's Issues

Cupertino Union School District

Wil Fluewelling

I'll bring decades of accounting experience to the board with the intention of applying a fine tooth comb through the financials to identify new or expandable revenue sources and reducing or eliminating unnecessary expenses.

  1. What do you think are the top three issues affecting our children and families and how do you propose to address them?

    1. Work-life balance. I am afraid we went too far into the academics. Increased parental pressure in a highly competitive district lead to reduced exposure to nature and other hands-on experiences. We need our kids to unplug and feel comfortable playing outside with friends. 2. The Housing Crisis. The Bay area is one of the most expensive places to live in the nation. Our tax dollars are not adequately supporting our schools. We rely on PTOs, PTAs and private foundations too much. 3. Operational efficiency. Let's run our schools under a LEAN process to ensure the best use of funds!

  2. How will the priorities you addressed in the first question be reflected in the way that you approach the budget process?

    I plan on working very closely with the operations and finance teams to ensure the district is spending their money wisely on infrastructure and overhead costs. I will not simply rubber-stamp budgets and expenses. I pledge to dive deeply into every proposal and know exactly where every cent is going.

  3. What steps will you take to address the high cost and lack of availability of quality child care and preschool programs in our communities, especially for low-income children and English language learners?

    Properly marketing and expanding the dusk to dawn CuperDoodle program is of utmost importance. I truly wish we had access to preschool and after school enrichment programs right at my son's elementary school because it makes the transition smoother. The stickiness of locking in families early is a key business factor we must take full advantage of.

  4. What steps will you take to improve inclusion and outcomes for children with special needs or with disabilities?

    Every child deserves a high-quality education. I promise to implement programs that accept children of all types.

  5. Much of the student achievement gap has been linked to the "opportunity gap" that low-income children and children of color experience, including lack of access to healthy food, preschool, tutors and enrichment activities. If elected, what steps will you take to address this issue?

    In Cupertino Union School district this is less of an issue. There are very low numbers of low-income families.