Santa Clara County Voter's Guide On Children's Issues

Oak Grove School District, Area 5

Carolyn Bauer

Fighting today for a better tomorrow. Dedicated to ensuring children have the ability to succeed and providing the tools they need for tomorrow's future.

  1. What do you think are the top three issues affecting our children and families and how do you propose to address them?

    Gap in Equity Gap in Achievement Gap in Gender Equality We have the unique ability to close these gaps by providing our students with equitable access to a computer science education starting no later than Kindergarten and provide the tools they need to reshape the world. Teaching computational thinking provides career skills in fields with high pay and future employment in a digital world.

  2. How will the priorities you addressed in the first question be reflected in the way that you approach the budget process?

    We currently and in the future have worked to ensure our children have the ability to access internet at home and school in order to ensure all children have equitable resources available.

  3. What steps will you take to address the high cost and lack of availability of quality child care and preschool programs in our communities, especially for low-income children and English language learners?

    Currently our district partners with several local groups including Head Start and First Five. Our district offers free pre-school to eligible children in addition to providing grab n go school breakfast.

  4. What steps will you take to improve inclusion and outcomes for children with special needs or with disabilities?

    Our district currently spends funds in order to ensure our children have the least restrictive environment in order to achieve success. We have increased students abilities with special needs by providing them with early education starting at our preschool special-education program located at Baldwin Elementary.

  5. Much of the student achievement gap has been linked to the "opportunity gap" that low-income children and children of color experience, including lack of access to healthy food, preschool, tutors and enrichment activities. If elected, what steps will you take to address this issue?

    As stated above, I have been a supporter voting to include free preschool at our schools in low income areas. We provide free grab n go breakfast to ensure they start off with food in their stomach. We partner with Head Start, First Five, and the Sobrato Foundation to name a few to ensure our funding through grants continue our work in these areas. The biggest thing next is to ensure our children receive the education they will need for the digitalization, artificial intelligence and automation our society will face in the future.